Episode #13: Find the RIGHT Teacher!

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Podcast | 0 comments

In whatever field of learning you explore, finding the right teacher is imperative! This is especially true in an art form like Jazz. There are lots of great players, and there are lots of very informnative books and videos, but nothing compares to a great teacher. A great teacher is someone who can really play this music, and also has the skills and willingness to pass on what they know. A great teacher finds out what you want to do, and what you know and are able to do already. Then they begin to guide you in gaining a strong foundation in understanding this music. A good teacher helps you learn to listen, develop techniques, understand the components of music, and put it all together in a practical, hands on way. A great teacher helps you find your own voice and reach your full potential as a musician!

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