Ep 44: Tim Armacost Interview

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Tim Armacost recently brought his quintet to Furman, where I serve as an adjunct instructor. I was blown away! First, the band was great, world class. What brought it all together though, was Tim’s wonderful playing and writing, and the conceptual approach he brought to the organization of the music. The thing that most impresses me about Tim’s playing, is that it is thoroughly modern and contemporary, yet he maintains a sense of lyricism. His sound is big and warm, and he has complete control of expression and dynamics. He made the comment that he wrote the music with these specific musicians in mind, and it certainly works. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to have Jim Ridl, Kenny Davis, Joe Locke and Rudy Royston taking care of business, as well.

I recommend checking out the recording of this band and this music: The Inevitable Note.

Tim has also published a book, The Jazz Saxophone Book, which is much more than a saxophone book! You can find it on his website, at the link below.

This is a great conversation, and I’m sure you’ll dig it!

Tim Armacost

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