Ep 48: Ted Howe Interview-My First Jazz Teacher!

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Ted is my first Jazz Piano teacher. Although he and I have been  in touch over the years, we haven’t actually talked for quite a while.  Recently, we have been communicating more frequently, and I invited him  to do an interview with me. I will post it here and on my podcast, Notes on Jazz.  As a result, I’m taking some more lessons! Ted has continued to develop  his skills and approach over the years. I find it very inspiring, and  it fits naturally with where I am in my own path at this time. When the  student is ready…..

Ted  is a great teacher! He got me started on the right path and gave me so  much information and practical guidance. Besides that, he is a great  player and composer/arranger. He is one of the few people around who understands and employs the compositional and arranging approach called  “Line writing”. This approach originated with the work of Duke Ellington  and was further developed by Herb Pomeroy, of Berklee College fame.  More to come about this in our next segment.

Ted has played with a  Who’s Who of Jazz and pop artists over the years. It’s wonderful to  hear him talk about it all. I invite you to enjoy this talk with a Jazz  Master, and my friend and teacher.

A note about the interview.  Unfortunately, it cuts off abruptly at the end, as we suddenly ran out  of time. Not to worry, though. I have several more hours of material  that I will be preparing to share, and probably more to come after that!

Ted Howe

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