Ep 45: Jim Ridl Interview

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Jim Ridl is a great pianist! He’s also a composer and bandleader and teacher. I recently had the pleasure of hearing him play at Furman University with the Tim Armacost Quintet. (I just interviewed Tim recently. See Ep 44.) I was particularly struck by Jim’s touch and lyricism, by his command of harmony, and by his ability to improvise at length on a theme. He played a beautiful solo piano intro to Wayne Shorter’s Infant Eyes that displayed all of these facets of his playing. He also displays great empathy and sensitivity, and strength, as an accompanist and ensemble player.

The group also held a workshop for students and faculty. I had the opportunity to talk with Jim briefly and he graciously agreed to this interview.

I think you will find some fascinating and insightful comments here, and a good introduction to this great musician.

Check out Jim’s site for recordings and other info:

Jim Ridl   

I am available for online or in person study.

Reach out to me at: keith@keithdavismusic.com

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