Ep 43: Gary Versace Interview

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Gary Versace is one of my favorite contemporary Jazz pianists. He’s equally adept at playing organ and accordion, and he’s a composer. Gary has taken over the piano chair in Maria Schneider’s Orchestra, after the sad and sudden passing of our mutual friend, Frank Kimbrough. It’s hard to imagine anyone else filling those huge shoes.

Gary has played with so many of the current Jazz greats. I had the opportunity to hear him and meet him when he performed at Furman University with Dave Pietro’s quintet. And Gary and I have another mutual friend and influence, the master, Art Lande. Art speaks very highly of him!

This is a fascinating and wide ranging talk, about Gary’s growth and development and what he’s currently into. Gary also teaches at Eastman School of Music.

I’m sure you will dig this conversation with Gary Versace.

Gary Versace

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