Ep 33: Sonny Emory Interview

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Sonny Emory is one of my oldest friends. He also happens to be a master drummer! When we were in college together, playing in the Jazz band, his dream was to play with Earth, Wind, and Fire. And he did it! Sonny currently tours with Eric Clapton, and also tours with Bruce Hornsby. His list of studio and performance credits is long and impressive. He’s on a Steely Dan record, one of my favorite things that he’s done!

Sonny talks about his experiences performing, touring and recording with the greats, and shares some important insights into what it takes to perform at this level.

He’s also a composer, and talks about honing his skills with Verdine White, (Earth, Wind and Fire).

Sonny is also an educator, and we get into that, too.

This is a great conversation with an old friend. Check it out!

For more about Sonny: Sonny Emory

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