Ep 25: Why I Teach

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Are you a professional musician, or experienced amateur, but still feel like you have gaps in your knowledge

that are holding you back? In this episode, I explore this in relation to one of my private students. He’s an accomplished musician,

but came to me looking for help in taking the next steps in his development. It makes for a very creative exchange between student and teacher.

We’re trying to pinpoint exactly what the problems are and coming up with practical ways of working on solutions, or directions for future work.

I really enjoy this kind of work, and I think students can really benefit from it. I learn so much in this process, as well.

If you want to learn how to play Jazz, but don’t know where to start, the KEYS TO JAZZ BOOTCAMP is for you!

This six week online course will introduce you to the important concepts you need to start making your own music.

We’ll cover topics like; how to play different grooves; swing, latin, funk, etc. Getting a good feel with rhythmic phrasing

and syncopation. Understanding harmony; chords and scales and how to use them to improvise and compose your own tunes.

Making your own melodies. And most importantly, how to learn by listening.

The course will feature weekly online meetings, and personalized instruction for each student.

The course starts in September. 

If you have questions, you can reach out to me at: keith@keithdavismusic.com

Sign up here:



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